What This Drone Footage Caught In New Jersey Will Leave You Mesmerized

From north to south, New Jersey is absolutely beautiful. North Jersey has bustling cities and magnificent mountains, South Jersey is home to our incredible pinelands and beautiful beaches; each has its charms. Our state is so stunning that it simply must be captured on film. Luckily, a few talented drone pilots agree! I’ve featured two videos, one capturing one of North Jersey’s loveliest landmarks – High Point, and one of South Jersey’s most popular tourist destinations – Cape May… which is your favorite?

This video of High Point State Park was captured by YouTube user Andrew Badami.

This video of Cape May Point was captured by YouTube user Michael Dombrowski.

Each video highlights a beautiful area in a particular part of our state, but we know that North and South Jersey both have so much more to offer. Are you #TeamNorthJersey or #TeamSouthJersey. Let me know, and share your favorite New Jersey destination (North or South).