This Amazing Timelapse Video Shows New Jersey Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

There aren’t many things all New Jerseyans agree on. One of the qualities that makes our state so special is our diversity. Even still, there are some things almost everyone loves; one of those things is the Jersey Shore. From Sandy Hook down to Cape May, we all have a town on the shore that we adore. This incredible timelapse video by YouTube user Milky Way (Mike Ver Sprill) highlights the beauty of our beaches, while also providing a glimpse into the damage done by Hurricane Sandy. While it is a harrowing reminder of the storm, it is also a stunning tribute to our very own paradise. Should you ever forget how beautiful New Jersey is, look no further than this:

Even among the destruction, our shore shines bright. Locations in this film include Asbury Park, Ocean Grove, LBI, Bayville and Seaside Heights. Shot in 2013, you’ll see how far the shore has come since the storm. While things may not be exactly the same, we’ve rebuilt and are just as beautiful as ever. Anyone who thinks we’re all highways and factories is far from the truth. From the sandy shores to stunning sunsets and spectacular sky, New Jersey is so much more than most people realize.