This Little Known Natural Oasis Is Hiding In New Jersey… And You’re Going To Love It

When you think of an outdoor oasis in New Jersey, one of our beautiful beaches or spectacular state parks probably comes to mind. Buttermilk Falls is a favorite, along with Wharton State Forest, but both of these lovely landscapes are well-known to most New Jerseyans. While I adore our more popular places, I also enjoy discovering new spots to explore. We have quite a few hidden natural gems, but one of the most surprising is located in the heart of one of our largest cities.

For an aerial view of the reservoir with a focus on the urban surroundings, enjoy this 6-minute video from Project Reservoir, directed by STEM Expeditions and captured by a drone. It gives you a sense of the area and helps you see what a hidden gem it really is.

To visit the reservoir, head to the intersection of Summit and Reservoir Avenues, where you will find the main gate. This is typically where tours depart and most guests enter. There is a second entrance on Jefferson Avenue. The reservoir is currently open for the season on Saturdays from 10-4, weather permitting. Admission is free.

Were you aware of the reservoir or what currently lies within it? Are you ready to explore? What is your favorite hidden natural oasis in New Jersey?