New Jersey is home to several haunted roads including the infamous Clinton Road and the uniquely named Shades of Death Road, but many are unfamiliar with “Indian Curse Road.” Also called the “Road to Nowhere,” this stretch of Route 55 in South Jersey (intersecting with Route 42 and extending south) was plagued with problems from the start.

According to an article on, a Nanticoke Leni-Lenape Indian Chief warned that if the road were built, it would disturb his ancestors. Archaeologists DID find evidence of an Indian settlement near Deptford Mall which included pottery, stone artifacts and bones. While efforts were made to reroute the road, it was ultimately built.

Shortly after ground broke on the project in March of 1983, a series of unfortunate incidents occurred. Many of these were tragic accidents involving the crew building the road. Several died or had loved ones die in car accidents, a crew member had an aneurysm on-site, a strong gust of wind blew a worker off an overpass, paralyzing him, and another ended up under the roller of an asphalt machine – he did not survive. This list of horrors is only just the beginning.

I don’t necessarily believe in ghosts, but if I did, I’d be almost certain that the footage below filmed on Route 55 captures one.

Around 1 a.m. on March 22nd, several drivers reported seeing a figure on the side of the road in what appeared to be a wedding dress. Facebook user Bill Hand captured a short video of the ghostly figure with his cellphone camera. Taken near exit 53, Hand did contact the police after capturing the clip.

According to, Philadelphia radio personality Big Daddy Graham also spotted the (paranormal?) pedestrian. He described her as having a veil and flowers and noted that he was shaken by the experience. He reached out to a state trooper who apparently was aware of the woman. Police later confirmed that the figure was a teen runaway who was unharmed and returned safely to a local children’s services organization.

I don’t see many teen girls today in long white gowns and she really doesn’t appear to have a full form… What do you think? Share your thoughts on our Facebook Page and enjoy a few other New Jersey ghost stories by clicking here.

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