9 Disgusting Facts About New Jersey You Would Be Better Off Not Knowing

New Jersey is all-around awesome. Our pros outweigh our cons by far and there is so much to love about our little state. We’re diverse, educated, fairly safe, and have lots to offer. We have miles of coastline, acres of farmland, beautiful parks and some of the best water quality around. No state is perfect however, and New Jersey has a few gross facts among the great ones.

While these may not be the most pleasant facts, don’t be discouraged! We’re cleaning up our act, regularly removing Superfund sites from our list and creating stringent standards for environmental pollution. “Dirty” Jersey and the Toxic Avenger (New Jersey’s very own super hero – really!) will be a thing of the past soon enough. Nearly 1/4 of our state (23%) is preserved as open space, and many of our landfills are being converted to solar farms! Sources for this article include: Time Magazine, Wikipedia, NJ.com, 50states.com, and America’s Health Rankings. To learn more about New Jerseyans love for nudity, enjoy my previous article: Revealing Study Shows New Jerseyans Love Being Naked. Are there any other disgusting New Jersey facts that you would add to this list? Let me know in the comments.