New Jersey Has A Grand Canyon And It’s Too Beautiful For Words

While New Jersey may not have anything quite as grand as the Grand Canyon, we are home to some pretty spectacular spots. Some of my favorites include High Point and Mount Mitchill, but I’m absolutely enamored with our own Grand Canyon of sorts, the Palisades Cliffs.

The picturesque Palisades Cliffs stretch north from Jersey City about 20 miles to near Nyack, New York. They rise vertically from near the edge of the Hudson River, and are about 300 feet high in Weehawken, increasing gradually to 540 feet high near their northern terminus. North of Fort Lee, the Palisades are part of Palisades Interstate Park and are a National Natural Landmark. You’ll find amazing views, abundant hiking trails, fantastic foliage in the fall, and several lovely little dining areas. There’s a seasonal waterfront food stand, and a cute cafe atop the cliffs at the State Line Lookout in Alpine. You can learn more about the cafe by clicking here. There are other gems hidden in the cliffs, including majestic manor ruins and a miniature castle/monument. Learn more about the monument and how to hike to it (it’s a short hike!) by clicking here. For a preview of what to expect should you visit the Palisades Cliffs, check out the short video below by