This New Jersey Tunnel System Is Said To Be The Gateway To Hell

New Jersey is full of urban legends and local lore, the story of the gateway to hell is one of the more popular. The Clifton drainage tunnel gained notoriety after being featured by the infamous publication, Weird New Jersey. It is a popular hangout for wayward youth, and trespassing is illegal. It’s probably not a place you’d want to explore anyway, shady characters frequent the area. Still, the legend is… legendary!

Even if the legends aren’t true, these tunnels have terrified New Jerseyans for decades. What legends have you heard about the Gateway to Hell? Have you ever been? For a bit more on the tunnels, check out this YouTube video from WeirdNJTV. For more information on urban legends in New Jersey, enjoy my previous post: These 16 Urban Legends In New Jersey Will Keep You Awake At Night.