There’s Nothing Better Than This Mouthwatering Donut Trail In New Jersey

You really can’t go wrong with a food trail; they combine the thrill and adventure of a road trip with the deliciousness of some sweet or savory treat. There are incredible food trails all over the country – from a salsa trail in New Mexico to a cheese trail in Wisconsin, America is filled with opportunities for flavorful fun. I wanted the Garden State to get in on the edible action, so I’ve crafted a food trail that almost anyone can enjoy. Since most of us spend at least some time at the shore, our New Jersey Donut Trail focuses on eateries along the coast. Here’s the route:

I can’t imagine a more delicious road trip; for a map and directions, click here. Check out New Jersey’s Grand Vintage Wine Trail for a different kind of treat. For more of New Jersey’s best donuts, check out this list.