Most People Don’t Know How These 12 New Jersey Counties Got Their Names

Many Garden State residents know that New Jersey was named after the province of Jersey, the largest of the Channel Islands. However, the origins of our county names are not as commonly known. The majority of counties named before the American Revolution reflect the Dutch and English settlements in the area at the time. Burlington, Essex, Gloucester, Middlesex, Somerset and Sussex are all derived from British towns, cities, and counties; Monmouth County was named for Monmouthshire, Wales, Hunterdon County was named for Hunterston, Scotland, and Bergen County was named for Bergen, North Holland. Counties named after the American Revolution are more likely to be named for historic figures. Following, I share some fun facts and gorgeous shots snapped in each county listed!

If you’d like to learn more about the history of New Jersey, check out the short video below by Kean University:

Which county name do you think had the most fascinating origin story? I’m all about Salem County! For some New Jersey town name history, click here.