14 Insane Places You Can Buy In New Jersey For Less Than A 1 Bedroom In NYC

We all know that the cost of living in New Jersey is high, but housing costs don’t even compare to those in NYC. We have easy access to Manhattan, without the exorbitant prices per square foot. Sure, some parts of New Jersey are pretty expensive, but you can still buy an incredible home for less than the cost of a 1-bedroom in NYC. The average price of a one bedroom in Manhattan is $710,000, according to the Corcoran Real Estate Group. For that price, you can expect well under 1000-square feet in a nicer neighborhood. You can find homes double, and even triple the size for the same price in many parts of our state. Here are just some of the insane places you can purchase in New Jersey with a budget of $710,000 or less.

There are so many incredible homes you can buy in New Jersey for less than the cost of a one bedroom in NYC! Narrowing down this list was very difficult; I tried to include a wide variety of locations and home styles. Each house on this list is truly spectacular and offers something special! If you’re actively searching, or just daydreaming, share with us the home you’d most like to buy in the comments!