Here Are The 10 Most Religious Counties In New Jersey

When it comes to the most religious states in the US, New Jersey isn’t very high on the list. According to a 2014 Gallup poll, New Jersey is the 34th most religious state in the country, with 34% of residents identifying as “very religious.” In comparison, 48% of Americans overall consider themselves to be very religious. Mississippi is the most religious state, with 59% of residents considering themselves “very religious.” Though our state as a whole may not be particularly pious, several New Jersey counties rank high on the list; the following are the 10 most religious counties in New Jersey.

Another fun fact – the predominant religion in the United States is Protestant, but the predominant religion in New Jersey is Catholic. Did any of these statistics surprise you? Let me know in the comments. For further information, visit Sperling’s Best Places. To see some stunning churches in our state, check out my previous article: These 15 Churches In New Jersey Will Leave You Absolutely Speechless.