This Just Might Be The Most Beautiful Hike In All Of New Jersey

Wherever you are in New Jersey, there’s a beautiful hike nearby. Stroll along our coast or deep into the Pinelands – it isn’t hard to enjoy nature in the Garden State. Singling out just one hike as the most beautiful is a nearly impossible task, but I’ve done my best. Luckily, I had some help from USA Today. The popular publication recently named Mount Tammany (in Warren County) one of the most beautiful places to hike in America. I’ve covered this mountain in the spring and summer months, but it may be even more enchanting in the winter.

While the pictures above are beautiful, I think that everyone who can should experience this hike. Trails are much less crowded in the winter and everything is a bit more magical when covered in snow. To see what a mean, watch the short video below (by J.Zion Lo Outdoors) of a hiker’s journey up Mount Tammany – it’s mesmerizing.

It’s rugged, but undeniably incredible. This is New Jersey, people…let’s enjoy it! What’s your favorite hike (winter or otherwise) in the Garden State? For a few short, scenic hikes (under 3 miles), check out this list.