This New Jersey Pizza Joint In The Middle Of Nowhere Is One Of The Best In The U.S.

I’m a Jersey girl, so I always jump on the chance to write about pizza. We’re home to some of the best in the U.S. and you really can’t go wrong with a slice, wherever you go. Of course, some places stand out. Today, I was tasked with finding a fantastic pizzeria in the middle of nowhere. That doesn’t exist in the Garden State, the most densely packed per square mile in the country, but we do have our more rural areas. Woodstown, a historic borough home to around 3,100 residents, is surrounded by farmland. The nearest city is in another state (Wilmington, Delaware) and you won’t find a mall or movie theater for miles. What you will find though, is some spectacular pizza.

Have you been to Joe’s Pizza? If not, give it a visit at 859 Route 45, Woodstown (in the Acme Shopping Plaza). What’s your favorite pizzeria in New Jersey? Let us know in the comments. To discover the unofficial pizza capital of the world (right here in the Garden State), click here.