New Jersey Was Ranked Among The Least Friendly States In The U.S. – Would You Agree?

A website recently ranked the friendliest states in America and New Jersey came in at…number 46. That puts us in the bottom 5! Big 7 Travel asked its readers to rate states by friendliness and, apparently, 1.5 million people or so did not think very highly of New Jersey. We’re rude and have an in-your-face attitude. I know the Garden State isn’t perfect, but you try packing 1,210 people into one square mile. (Our state has the highest population density in the US.) So, we may not be number one when it comes to friendliness, but we’re not number 46. Here’s why:

We may be a little tough and rough around the edges, but we’re always there for each other. I wouldn’t trade New Jersey for the world. If you’re curious, the LEAST friendly state was New York and the MOST friendly state was Minnesota. It doesn’t bother me that a few survey respondents thought New Jersey was unfriendly. What matters most is what we think. Answer the question below and share your stories of New Jersey kindness in the comments.

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