The Unique, Out-Of-The-Way State Forest In New Jersey That’s Always Worth A Visit

When you think of New Jersey, you probably think of the white sandy beaches and the tourist-filled boardwalks. But, there is a lot more to New Jersey than just the coast. This state is also home to beautiful natural life that is a little calmer than the busy beach towns. We’re talking about forest escapes. One of our favorites is Jenny Jump State Forest. Read on to discover why it’s the perfect place to unwind.

Spending the day at Jenny Jump State Forest could be the refresher you need after a busy week of duties and responsibilities. Plus, it’s a totally different side of New Jersey that you don’t hear about often enough. Maybe they want to keep this gem a secret! Sorry, if we have loose lips! But, since we already spilled the beans, let us know your favorite part of Jenny Jump State Forest in the comments below.

Address: Jenny Jump State Forest, 330 State Park Rd, Hope, NJ 07844, USA