Spanning 11 Greenhouses And 500 Varieties, The World’s Largest Chile Pepper Farm Is Hiding In New Jersey

For many people, Chile peppers are the spice of life. They flavor soups, pep up tacos, and some daring souls will even pop them whole. They run the gamut from mildly zingy to punishingly hot – and just about all of them can be found on one country road in rural New Jersey. The small township of Stockton has only 496 residents – and that means it has more types of pepper than people thanks to one massive farm in New Jersey. Welcome to Cross Country Nurseries, believed to be the world’s largest Chile pepper farm in terms of the number of varieties. Its bumper crop is a little different every year, and its thriving farm store and online website are ready to give spice lovers everywhere their dream come true – so stock up on milk!

Have you visited or ordered from Cross Country Nurseries? Let us know what you got from this massive farm in New Jersey – and tell us your favorite Chile peppers in the comments section! If you’re planning to visit or order, check out the farm’s website and Facebook page for more information. Need to cool down after trying some of these chiles? Try this unique ice cream parlor.

Address: Cross Country Nurseries, 199 Kingwood Locktown Rd, Stockton, NJ 08559, USA

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