An Unexpected Tunnel Is Hiding Underground In This Cemetery In New Jersey

New Jersey has a rich railroading history and the largest commuter rail system in the United States in terms of track mileage (951 miles). Over the years, our transportation needs have changed, and new tracks have been built while old tracks have been converted into hiking and biking trails; others have been abandoned, unable to be repurposed.

If you’re absolutely itching to investigate, you can… kind of. Feel free to explore the tunnel without risk of injury or arrest by watching the video below.

Whether this tunnel is haunted or not, I’m always interested in learning a bit more about New Jersey’s history. Who knew that there was a tunnel here, hidden away under a cemetery? New Jersey has a variety of fascinating cemeteries, if you’re into that sort of thing. You can find many notable historical figures buried in Princeton Cemetery (Grover Cleveland, Aaron Burr) and the Garden State is also home to a unique cemetery turned community gathering space. You can more about the surprisingly lively Jersey City and Harsimus Cemetery here.

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