New Jersey has all sorts of hidden gems – in fact, it can seem impossible to see all of them. Luckily, we’ve created a road trip that will take you to some of our favorite little-known places in the state in a quick and easy way. Check out this awesome hidden gems in New Jersey road trip, where you’ll hit all the best, lesser-known spots.

And if this particular route doesn’t work for you, just mix and match! There are different options and who says you can’t try ’em all? Be sure to stick around for more New Jersey road trip ideas – we’ve got a lot of big things packed into our little state!

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Hidden Gems in New Jersey

What are some must-do New Jersey hidden gems?  

New Jersey might be a tiny little state, but it’s got big heart and huge personality! It’s filled with fun little hidden gems that even many locals don’t know about, but we love them! Should you be a fan of natural wonders of New Jersey, be sure to check out Buttermilk Falls at Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. The region is home to numerous waterfalls, but that one is probably our favorite! It’s easily one of the best waterfalls in New Jersey. If you prefer sticking to the city, be sure to visit the Deep Cut Gardens in Middletown, which will blow you away with its serenity.  

Where are the best hidden places in New Jersey?  

Of course, the list of hidden places in New Jersey goes on! If you enjoyed the magic of the Deep Cut Gardens, you’ll also probably love the mystique of Rutger’s Gardens, in New Brunswick. It’s hidden away beneath some highway ramps for Route 1, and because of this, lots of folks don’t even realize it’s there! Alternatively, if you’re a fan of the distant history of New Jersey from before time, head over to Haddonfield, where the first complete dinosaur skeleton found in all of North America was found, and check out the downtown area, which is filled with all kinds of dino-centric delights.  

What kind of interesting New Jersey road trips can I go on?  

New Jersey is tiny but that just makes it even better for road trips, we think – after all, you’ll never have to go super far! No matter what your interests are, you’ll be able to make a road trip in New Jersey out of them. Some of our favorite ideas for road trips include the ultimate Jersey Shore road trip, abandoned places in New Jersey road trip, and even an epic waterfall road trip! Embark upon adventure seeking out the best ice cream in the state, or maybe the best barbecue – the options are only as limited as your imagination!