The Story Behind This Haunted Cemetery In New Jersey Is Truly Creepy

New Jersey has been called the crossroads of the American Revolution, and many sites in our state reflect this fact. From the Old Barracks in Trenton to Washington’s headquarters at the Ford Mansion, there is no shortage of Revolutionary War history here. The Civil War, however, is something we tend to think of as being associated solely with the South; this isn’t necessarily the case. While no major Civil War battles were fought in New Jersey, we do have several ties to the nation-dividing conflict. One of these ties comes in the form of a haunted cemetery.

From murder to mass graves, this cemetery is certainly an eerie location, though few know it even exists. Finn’s Point National Cemetery can be accessed through Fort Mott State Park’s main gate at 454 Fort Mott Road. It is open daily from 8:00 a.m. to sunset.