This New Jersey Waterfall Is So Hidden, Almost Nobody Has Seen It In Person

The Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area is an enormous area of trails, streams, mountain ridgelines, and hidden treasures. One such treasure, Silver Spray Falls, is tucked away in the forest, with no clear trail. In fact, it’s so hard to find that locals have nicknamed it “Hidden Falls”. You may be surprised to realize that Silver Spray Falls is located close to Buttermilk Falls, one of New Jersey’s most-visited and most accessible waterfalls. Unlike Buttermilk, though, you won’t find a large crowd here any time of year.

There’s no trail map to share for this one – your trailblazing and scouting skills will be put to the test!  The Delaware Water Gap website will keep you up to date on road closures and local conditions, though, so be sure to check it before you head out.

Address: Silver Spray Falls, Layton, NJ 07851, USA