Uh Oh…Here Are The 10 Drunkest Counties In New Jersey

New Jerseyans aren’t big drinkers, especially when you compare our state to the rest of the country. Sixteen percent of our residents have reported excessive drinking, with statistics varying by county. Gloucester County has  the highest percentage of residents reporting excessive drinking at 19%; compare that to Aleutian West County in Alaska with 40% of residents reporting excessive drinking. This may be because we have so much to do in the state other than drink, with our wide selection of cultural and recreational opportunities. Even still, there are several counties that are more prone to excessive drinking. Data was compiled using survey statistics found on CountyHealthRankings.org. Ties were broken based on the numbers of bars per capita, found on FindTheHome.com.

Middlesex and Somerset county residents reported the LOWEST rates of excessive drinking. Do any of these statistics surprise you? Why do you think these counties seem to be more prone to drinking? Younger residents or great bars, perhaps?

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