This Drone Footage Shows You Just How Amazing New Jersey Looks In The Wintertime

When you think of winter in New Jersey, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Is it driveways filled with slush, slippery sidewalks or salty streets? People don’t always picture something beautiful because, yes, winter can be a bummer. However, winter in New Jersey can also be pretty breathtaking. We may not have snow capped mountains but the Garden State is gorgeous with a fresh coating of snow.

But these photos only begin to do our state justice. Everything in the Garden State is a little more magical with a bit of fresh snow! Enjoy the drone videos below to witness winter in action in both North Jersey (Clinton) and South Jersey (Lavallette). The Red Mill is even more enchanting and I love seeing the snow on the sand! The video of Clinton is from YouTube user, the video of Lavallette is by Ryan Mack.

Don’t even try to tell me that fiery winter sunrise is anything but pure perfection – I won’t believe it! And when the camera pans out and you can see all the scenery surrounding Clinton, it’s gorgeous! The waters of the Raritan River are a striking contrast to the snow. Speaking of snow, click here to see 16 shots of our snowy state shimmering in the sunlight.