You Won’t Want To Miss Opening Day At New Jersey’s Most Beautiful Butterfly House

Butterflies are one of the most beautiful things about the spring and summer seasons. I love their beautiful colors, delicate wings, and evolution from caterpillars. Their very existence is a tale of growth and hope, and they sure are gorgeous. In New Jersey, we can frequently find them fluttering around parks, particularly those with certain plants, but butterfly houses may be the best way to enjoy them.

The Kate Gorrie Butterfly House is part of The Watershed Institute. It is open daily from dawn to dusk. The Watershed Institute is a top-rated charity that strives to keep water safe, clean, and healthy. They also focus on other aspects of protecting our natural environment. For more details on the organization, and the butterfly house, visit their website here.

Address: 31 Titus Mill Road, Pennington, NJ, 08534

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