The Unassuming Restaurant In New Jersey That Serves The Best Hot Dogs You’ll Ever Taste

When it comes to hot dogs, no other state does them quite like New Jersey. Saveur Magazine once proclaimed, “Forget New York and Chicago; Jersey is America‚Äôs real hot dog heaven.” Food & Wine Magazine recently wrote an entire article about what makes New Jersey hot dogs great (it’s the way we cook them, according to the author). I agree, Garden State hot dogs can’t be beat! The thing is, every hot dog is different – some stand out above the rest.

Another perk? It’s budget friendly! This old school place has old school prices. Enjoy broiled chopped sirloin steak, french fries and cole slaw for just $7.95, grilled chicken with spaghetti parmigiana for $8.95, a bacon omelette for $5.35, a burger for just $2.00 or one of their famous hot dogs for $2.20 (a ripper with cheese is $2.65). You can get almost anything on the menu for under $10, but you will need to bring cash. You can find Rutt’s Hut at 417 River Road in Clifton.

While it may be home to the number one hot dog in America, other New Jersey joints made the Daily Meal’s “best of” list. Jimmy Buff’s came in at #23, Tommy’s in Elizabeth ranked #32 and Max’s in Long Branch was #56 of 75. For more of the best hot dogs in New Jersey, check out this list, which features eateries all over the Garden State.