11 Insanely Beautiful Photos Of New Jersey’s Pinelands That Will Make You Want To Visit

There are plenty of picturesque spots in New Jersey, but visitors tend to favor our beaches. If they’re not at the shore, you might find them hiking High Point, along the Appalachian Trail or skiing in Mahwah’s mountains…but the Pine Barrens are prone to being overlooked. Comprised of 1.1 million acres, the Pinelands Natural Reserve makes up about 22 percent of New Jersey’s total landmass. Immense beauty can be found hidden within its borders.

Aren’t the Pine Barrens absolutely gorgeous? And speaking of “barren,” the area maintains the moniker due to its sandy, acidic soil. However, few know that under the soil lies a natural reservoir of bacterially sterile, chemically pure water that the U.S. Geological Survey has compared to uncontaminated rainwater or melted glacial ice.

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