Wake Up To Incredible Endless Ocean Views At This Affordable New Jersey Airbnb

What makes a great Airbnb? Some people would say lots of space, others would say a cozy vibe, and plenty would name location as the number one priority. However, one thing almost everyone can agree on is that a good view is an incredible asset for any Airbnb.

Well, we found a New Jersey Airbnb with some of the best views possible: an endless ocean view from the bedroom window. Every morning when you rise and every evening when you go to sleep, you’ll be greeted by an incredibly beautiful aquatic view. And the best part is this vacation rental, located in the Las Vegas of New Jersey, Atlantic City, is an absolute steal. Despite the jaw-dropping view and luxe amenities, it’s less than $100 a night.

It’s hard to believe you can get all this in Atlantic City for just $89 a night, right?

Address: Atlantic City, NJ, USA