The One Trail In New Jersey That Will Lead You To Extraordinary Abandoned Ruins

New Jersey is home to abandoned mills and mining towns, located all over the state. You’ll find what’s left of once thriving communities like Feltville (a mill town, farming community and later a summer resort) and Harrisville (best known for paper production) but finding castle ruins is a bit more rare in the Garden State. I’ve covered Cliff Dale Manor before but I’ve discovered a new site to explore.

To take a peek at what you’ll see, or to enjoy the ruins without a hike, check out the video below by YouTube user, Matthew L Andzel:

The Van Slyke Castle ruins can be found in Ramapo State Forest, located in Bergen and Passaic Counties. For additional details visit or check out the Ramapo State Forest Trail Map. Expect around two miles of hiking to see the castle and under five (with some areas of steep terrain) to see both the castle and water tower.