A Drone Flew High Above An Uninhabited Island In New Jersey And Caught The Most Incredible Footage

There are dozens of small islands located in and around New Jersey. Many are simply stretches of land teeming with wildlife, birds specifically; others offer a little more. Burlington Island was once home to an incredible amusement park (keep an eye out for a future article on this!), Shooter’s Island has a rich shipbuilding history, and Petty Island… Well, let me tell you about Petty Island.

The island is still undergoing remediation efforts, which are set to be completed by 2021. In just a few years, the island will be an urban oasis with a spectacular view of the Philadelphia skyline. There are plans for environmental programs in the works, when the park is open to the public. For now, the island is only accessible through scheduled programs which sell out quickly. For information on tours, visit the New Jersey Audobon website. There was a tour scheduled for next week but it has been postponed due to social distancing guidelines. While we wait for this gem to be restored, we can enjoy the spectacular drone footage below, captured by YouTube user TedTenPADrones:


Address: Petty Island, Pennsauken Township, NJ, USA