New Jersey has quite a few abandoned towns, but none offer the scenic views of Sea Breeze. The beautiful bayfront escape is accessible to the public and hosts haunting reminders of the past. Let’s explore the story behind the abandoned beach town of Sea Breeze, New Jersey, and how it became an eerie ghost town. 

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For more abandoned New Jersey places, check out this factory off the Turnpike. It is another reminder of how time does not stand still. If you happen to find yourself near Atlantic City, NJ, try the Banshees of the Boardwalk guided tour.

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More Abandoned Places To Explore In New Jersey

Besides Sea Breeze, New Jersey, what are some more abandoned towns in New Jersey?

It is safe to say that there are many abandoned towns in New Jersey. They include old mining and milling towns, and there are even ghost towns that have been submerged under lakes in the state. Here is a list of the most well-known abandoned towns in New Jersey:


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Is Sea Breeze, New Jersey abandoned?

The town of Sea Breeze, New Jersey was struck with some major disasters in the past, which has left curious folks wondering if Sea Breeze, New Jersey is abandoned. While most of the people left their homes behind, there are a few houses that are still standing today, and even fewer that were inhabited until recently. Many of the houses were lost to hurricanes, fires, and floods, or were demolished by the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) for safety reasons. For years, there were some residents who kept their homes, but many of those homes were sold to the Department of Environmental Protection after many failed efforts to prevent the area from suffering more devastation. Today this once thriving beach town is now being reclaimed by nature and some areas have been designated as wildlife refuge. Here’s an article about another abandoned town in New Jersey.

What are some abandoned places in New Jersey?

If you love the thrill of exploring places that have been reclaimed by nature, then here are some abandoned places in New Jersey that will light up your soul:

  • Atlantic City Race Course, Mays Landing
  • McNeal Mansion, Burlington
  • Toms River Silo Ruins, South Toms River


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