These 12 Photos of New Jersey In The 1970s Are Mesmerizing

Hey there all you cool cats! Do yourself a solid and check out the far out photos below, all from one of our favorite decades – the 1970s. If you grew up in the Garden State (or have lived in New Jersey for some time), you’ll surely appreciate the sick shots snapped here during the reign of the King of Rock and Roll. It was a fascinating time in our state’s history, with 14 Nike anti-aircraft missile batteries being built here to protect the Metropolitan area. But it wasn’t all war and worry, both the iconic Stone Pony and Action Park opened in the ’70s. Are you ready to take a peek into the past?

If Seaside was a summer destination for you in the 1970s, the footage below from 1973 is sure to bring you back to the shore!

Did you enjoy this little trip through time? We certainly did! Let us know which photo was your favorite and share your shots in the comments! If you grew up in New Jersey in the 1960s, you’ll also want to check out these photos.