This 1.5-Mile Trail In New Hampshire Leads To A Waterfall And A Swimming Hole

Hiking in New Hampshire is the best way to clear your head and get back to yourself. But not all hikes need to lead to self-improvement. Some can simply be enjoyed for the sake of having fun! These are the ones with fun features and destinations that offer things you won’t find anywhere else. If these are the outdoor endeavors for you, you’ll want to try this beauty of a trail!

The Thompson Falls Trail can be enjoyed all year long, but we like it best in the summer and fall. If you hate to leave the dogs at home you’ll especially love that they’re welcome to come along on this adventure. Just be sure to keep them on a leash. You can learn more about the route by checking out this page on

If you like the idea of this hike there are more places to enjoy a mountain swim. You can swim underneath a waterfall at this refreshing natural pool in New Hampshire!

Address: Thompson Falls, Hale's Location, NH 03812, USA