You May Not Want To Swim In This New Hampshire Lake Due To A Toxic Discovery

Silver Lake in Hollis is a favorite for swimming, boating, fishing, and more – but right now, you’ll probably want to avoid jumping in. The New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services has issued a cyanobacteria advisory for the lake as of June 12, meaning that contact with the water can pose dangers to human and animal health ranging from painful skin rashes to, in extreme cases, death. Cyanobacteria, unlike some other types of bacteria commonly found in swimming areas and introduced by humans, come from blue-green algae blooms.

We know it’s hot and the water is refreshing – but if you see an advisory sign, or a warning from the DES, follow it! And if you see any blue-green algae in a lake without a current warning, report it to the state so they can test it. You can keep track of swimming warnings on the DES website, where you can also learn more about the hazards of cyanobacteria. They also maintain a Twitter account that you can follow to stay on top of the latest updates.