Blink And You’ll Miss These 10 Teeny Tiny Towns In New Hampshire

New Hampshire is known as a state of small towns – people assume we all live in tiny, quaint hamlets with only a general store for shopping, and that perhaps we ride horses to work. While that’s far from true, we definitely do still have some teensy little towns that retain the old-time charm of rural life that you might just drive on by if you’re not careful. We’re not talking incorporated areas or villages within towns here – these are all municipalities, albeit itsy bitsy ones. And they’re all a delight to visit! Note that for our list below, all population numbers come from the 2010 census, so they are likely to be a bit outdated. We also didn’t solely choose the smallest towns in New Hampshire – rather, these are ones that have a lot of beauty to offer but are too often missed. Enjoy!

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