There’s A Magical Sunflower Field Tucked Away In Beautiful New Hampshire

Sunflowers are just gorgeous – and there’s something so cheerful about their bright yellow petals. Who can resist them? While you might have a few growing in your garden or admire them as you drive about town, did you know that one New Hampshire farm dedicates 10 entire acres to growing these beauties, and then holds a festival to let you admire them? It’s a beautiful springtime event the family will cherish every year. Head on over to this amazing sunflower field in New Hampshire for the experience of a lifetime.

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Coppal House Farm is located at 118 N River Rd, Lee, NH 03861. Check back with the Coppal House Farm to find out when the sunflowers will officially be in bloom. Admission is usually less than $10 per person, and part of the proceeds go to support the Make A Wish Foundation. Keep an eye on Coppal House Farm’s Facebook page this summer so you don’t miss the blooms!

Address: Coppal House Farm, 118 North River Road RT 155, Lee, NH 03861, USA
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Sunflower Field In New Hampshire

May 03, 2020

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Address: Coppal House Farm, 118 North River Road RT 155, Lee, NH 03861, USA