This Historic Site Marker In New Hampshire Just Might Be The Strangest Tourist Trap Yet

On a dark, seemingly uneventful drive home from a vacation at Niagara Falls, a New Hampshire couple would experience something so incredibly strange and bizarre that they would report it to the US military the following day, and then not speak of it again other than to family and friends, for at least another two years. It’s a truly remarkable story and, amazingly, there’s a marker on the stretch of US Highway 3 that commemorates the location where this event was alleged to have occurred. The marker is somewhat of a mecca for UFO enthusiasts from all over the country fascinated by the Betty and Barney Hill incident of 1961, and it’s probably one of the weirdest places in New Hampshire.

Do you believe the Hill’s story? Have you ever seen anything that you can’t quite explain? Tell us your stories in the comments below. Looking for more articles about intriguing tourist spots in New Hampshire? Check out this article of 7 Weird Places You Can Go In New Hampshire!

Address: Lincoln, NH, USA