6 Sad Truths About Spring In New Hampshire

Daylight Saving Time is here, and the brighter evenings are giving us hope that spring will, in fact, get here eventually. While the season technically starts on March 20, don’t get too excited – all seasoned New Hampshirites know that spring in New Hampshire doesn’t quite mean what it does elsewhere in the country. If you’re new to the Granite State, or have just forced yourself to forget what spring is really like, here are some sad truths for you.

All that said, we can’t lie – we love spring. Despite our tongue-in-cheek grumbling, the longer days, the return of the sunshine, and the gradual growth of flowers and foliage put the biggest smiles on our faces. Hang in there New Hampshirites – we’ll get there sooner or later!

If you want to get excited for the eventual departure of the snow and return of flowers, start planning your trips to these gorgeous gardens.