The Pine Hill Cemetery Is One Of New Hampshire’s Spookiest Cemeteries

It’s not really Halloween season quite yet, but it’s on its way and that’s good enough for us. As the temps get chilly, so does our heart and that means a serious desire for spooky tales, haunted houses, and trips through cemeteries to hear people tell stories about what came before us here in New Hampshire. There are a lot of older cemeteries in New England, but this one in New Hampshire comes with some of the spookiest tales. Remember that this article is intended to be informational. This isn’t intended to be a guide for you to visit. Remember that this is a place full of memories for many people.

Pine Hill Cemetery is a real cemetery, meaning that people have real memories here. Please do not visit for any other reason but to understand the history of the area and always be respectful. Never touch or upset any markers and always bring out whatever you bring in. The cemetery is closed from dusk till dawn. If you choose to visit respectfully during the day, you can do so at address: Hollis, NH 03049.

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