The Story Of The Serial Killer Who Terrorized This Small New Hampshire Town Is Truly Frightening

We tend to think of New Hampshire as a safe place where neighbors look out for one another, and for the most part that’s true – after all, we have one of the lowest murder rates in the country. But real psychopaths can pop up anywhere, and even our haven of the Granite State is not immune. In the late 70s and early 80s, a serial killer was walking among us and nobody knew it until the grisly evidence of his crime turned up and horrified one small town.

Allenstown residents may not know the identities of the four murdered women, but they will always remember their tragic story.

As horrifying as these murders were, at least Allenstown residents can rest easy knowing that the killer is long dead. That’s not the case in the story of the Connecticut River Killer, who is still unidentified.