The 9 Secret Parks Of New Hampshire You’ve Never Heard Of But Need To Visit

One of the most notable things about New Hampshire is the plentiful opportunity to explore the great outdoors. There’s certainly no shortage of places to do it. From exploring in our own backyards to visiting the grandest state parks, we love getting outside to enjoy the fresh air. The only problem? The spots that are most popular can get crowded, taking a peaceful experience and turning into something more stressful. This year, instead of checking out the obvious places, consider visiting these parks that are underrated and totally fantastic.

Have you been to any of these parks? If so, what’s your most important piece of advice when it comes to visiting? Let us know in the comments. And, if there’s anything we’ve missed, share your recommendations!

If you love your days outside to include some man-made fun, be sure to visit Chuckster’s in New Hampshire for the most family fun you can cram into one summer day!


Address: Ahern State Park, 43 Great Bay Lane, Laconia, NH 03246, USA
Address: Northwood Meadows State Park, 755 1st New Hampshire Turnpike, Northwood, NH 03261, USA
Address: Chesterfield Gorge Natural Area, 1823 NH-9, Chesterfield, NH 03443, USA
Address: Mollidgewock State Park, 1437 Berlin Rd, Errol, NH 03579, USA
Address: Coleman State Park, 1166 Diamond Pond Rd, Stewartstown, NH 03576, USA
Address: Lake Tarleton State Park, 885 Lake Tarleton Rd, Piermont, NH 03779, USA
Address: Pillsbury State Park, Washington, NH 03280, USA
Address: Moose Brook State Park, 30 Jimtown Rd, Gorham, NH 03581, USA
Address: Saint-Gaudens National Historical Site, 139 St Gaudens Rd, Cornish, NH 03745, USA