New Hampshire Has A Grand Canyon, Sculptured Rocks Natural Area, And It’s Incredibly Beautiful

The Grand Canyon is pretty amazing, but if you know The Granite State then you know that we have our very own amazing emerald canyon that can match, albeit not rival, that beauty. Sculptured Rocks Natural Area in New Hampshire is a surprising feature in New England, and many tourists are unaware of its magnificence. Enjoy your own personal trip to paradise as you hike to this pretty natural landmark… just don’t forget the bug spray!

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Believe it or not, this is not the only breathtaking rock formation in New Hampshire. Flume Gorge is magnificent as well, and reaching it requires a very short hike that will expose you to 200 million years of natural history.

Address: New Hampshire, USA
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Sculptured Rocks Natural Area In New Hampshire

March 08, 2020

Where else can I find the best views in New Hampshire?

The Granite State is a pretty place… but that’s true of most of New England. However, most of the East Coast in known for, well, coastline. Nonetheless, some of the best views in New Hampshire can be found at places like Sculptured Rocks Natural Area and our many waterfalls.

What are the most scenic hiking trails in New Hampshire?

The most scenic hiking trails in New Hampshire are hiding in plain sight. After all, our state is among the smallest in the nation with a mere 9,349 square miles of scenery. During your travels, don’t be afraid to ask locals for a few tips on the best hiking spots! There’s also great value in spontaneous trips to local parks. Even tiny clusters of nature are beautiful! If there’s one thing our state proves, it’s that a place can be small but mighty.

Are there any other natural wonders in New Hampshire?

Lighthouses, beaches, and charming historic towns are typically must-see destinations on every regional tourist trail. What’s unusual, yet abundant, are unexpected natural features like the miniature and emerald Grand Canyon outlined above. You can find other incredible natural landmarks in New Hampshire outlined amidst the pages of our website… so don’t be afraid to go on a virtual adventure and get lost in a few articles!

Address: New Hampshire, USA