The Most Scenic Lake In New Hampshire Is Perfect For A Year-Round Vacation

It can be hard to find a lakeside perfect for a refreshing vacation that isn’t already swarming with tourists, but New Hampshire is full of wonderful hidden retreats for the whole family. It might not be “The Land of 10,000 Lakes”, but it’s not far behind. Located in Auburn in the southeast corner of New Hampshire, the charming lakeside campground of Calef Lake is perfect for a vacation no matter the time of year.

Have you made it out to Auburn to camp at Calef Lake? Let us know all about your stay and the sights and activities no one should miss in the comments section. If you’re looking to book your own stay at the campground, make sure to Calef Lake’s website to find out all about their current lodging options.

Address: Calef Lake Campground, 593 Chester Rd, Auburn, NH 03032, USA