This Remote New Hampshire Bowling Alley Is Also A Pub

Not many places in the country can claim to be the oldest of anything. In fact, as math would have it – there can be just one of any given “oldest thing.” With those odds, New Hampshirites should be pretty proud that the oldest candlepin bowling alley is located in a small, unassuming town. But, in addition to that we’re pretty excited that this place is not only a great place to bowl, but it’s also a great pub in its own right. The well-known red building is owned by a local 20-something who named the spot after his freshman dorm room number when he bought the lanes after graduating.

Room 111 at Victory Lanes can be found at 9 Central St., Woodsville, NH. Call them at (603) 243-0393 and be sure to check them out on Facebook.

New Hampshire is also home to the oldest general store in America, as well as the oldest free public library in the world. Looking like we’ve got some pretty special history if you know what you’re looking for!