This Quaint Little Trail Is The Shortest And Sweetest Hike In New Hampshire

When it comes to beautiful landscape, New Hampshire’s the place to be! From emerald green lakes to waterfall hikes, we’re lucky to spend our days in a state that’s got an outdoor endeavor for just about everyone. While we’d like to explore every nook and cranny we can find, let’s be totally honest: There are days when the idea of strapping on hiking boots feels a little daunting. Those are the days it’s easy to stay inside. But, next time you’re facing the possibility of giving up and watching TV, try this short and easy hike in New Hampshire instead! It’s big on fun, but low on mileage!

To find the trailhead for this hike, click here and enter your starting point. If the hike is nearby, why not try it today? If you do, be sure to share your photos along the way with the community in the New Hampshire Nature Lovers Facebook group!

And, for another short, but gorgeous hike in New Hampshire try visiting this waterfall. It’s easy enough for kids, but entertaining enough for grown-ups to be glad they did it.