The Pickering Ponds Walking Trail In New Hampshire Offers A Relaxing Way To Enjoy Views Of The Cocheco River

Getting outside is one of the best ways to clear your head and get some perspective. In fact, we’ve always found that immersing ourselves in nature leads to less stress. We love New Hampshire’s many hiking trails but lacing up a heavy pair of boots for a challenging hike isn’t the only way to do it. This trail offers lots of beauty and the best way to enjoy it is by walking.

The Pickering Ponds Loop is beautiful all the time, but people say it’s best from April through October. There are a few different trails here, so be sure to check out the official Rochester website here to learn more. No matter when you do it, always be mindful of the weather. If conditions are wet or snowy, be sure to take extra safety measures. You can learn more about the route by visiting this page on

Luckily for us, there are lots of state trails that are great for walking. Heads Pond Trail is a simple walk in New Hampshire that leads to a refreshing local pond that you can swim in.

Address: Pickering Ponds Trail, 175 Pickering Rd, Rochester, NH 03867, USA