New Hampshire is a rural state, which means that our small towns are a way of life. New Hampshire is full of beautiful small towns that offer nothing but peace and quiet, nestled in the beautiful hills and rivers that make the Granite State so great. Here are some quaint towns in New Hampshire that you should drive through when you need a return to a simpler way of life.

Do you live in any of these quaint towns in New Hampshire? Looking to explore more of the Granite State? Check out these ten hidden gems in New Hampshire that you must see before you die!

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Quaint Towns in New Hampshire

What are some of the best small towns in New Hampshire?  

New Hampshire is a beautiful state with lots of adorable small towns to fall in love with. We have so many favorites that we can’t really list them all at once – that would take pages - but we have some worth mentioning! Some of our favorite small towns in New Hampshire include ones like beautiful Portsmouth, which has a population of just 22,000 and features some of the most beautiful beaches in New Hampshire. We also love Meredith, which is a gorgeous resort town, and Sugar Hill is so adorable that you might just find yourself planning to move there.   

What are some truly peaceful towns in New Hampshire?  

The list goes on, of course – there are plenty of peaceful towns in New Hampshire you’re sure to fall in love with. Obviously, there are the ones we mentioned above, but there are so many more, too! Lincoln, New Hampshire is a gorgeous small town perfect for the nature lover, and if you enjoy Lincoln, you’ll also love Bartlett, which is nestled in the heart of the beautiful White Mountains. Anyone looking for the best places to go camping in New Hampshire is going to want to look at the White Mountains – and then make a whole day out of exploring downtown Bartlett.  

Where are the safest places to live in New Hampshire?  

New Hampshire is one of the safest places to live in the United States, so even the most dangerous places to live in New Hampshire are still pretty safe. At the time of this writing, the safest town to live in New Hampshire is Atkinson, which saw zero violent crimes in 2021 and 2022. Next on the list is Deerfield, which saw no violent crimes in 2022, Kingston, which saw 0.3 violent crimes in 2022, and Weare, which saw 0.1 violent crimes in 2022. Other safe places in New Hampshire include towns like Sandown, New Boston, and Enfield.