One Of The Oldest Campgrounds In The U.S., Tippicanoe Campground In New Hampshire Is Now 109 Years Old

With warmer weather here we’ve got our sights set on all the ways we plan on enjoying the great outdoors this season. From beach trips to hiking trails, there’s a lot to take advantage of here in New Hampshire. But, one of our favorite ways to celebrate the summer is by sleeping under the stars. This campground in New Hampshire is one of the oldest in America and today it’s still going strong!

Camp Tippicanoe offers tons of things to do all season long. You can learn more about them including information on spaces and rates on their website. Or, follow them on Facebook. They can be reached on 603-863-8061. If the idea of merging the outdoors with history is right up your alley, we’ve got something else for you! The oldest hiking trail in America is in New Hampshire and it’s gorgeous.

Address: 1295 Brook Rd, Goshen, NH 03752, USA