Take A Meandering Road To A New Hampshire Overlook That’s Like The Balcony Of An Old Stone Castle

One of the best things about being in New Hampshire is the constant access to incredible views. Even better than access to these views is the fact that journeying to see them can be just as fantastic. From hiking trails that open up to miles of landscape to the views you can peak at through your own backyard, there’s no shortage of beauty. This overlook, smack in the middle of the White Mountains, is one of our favorites.

What are some of your favorite scenic overlooks in New Hampshire? Let us know in the comments so we can check them out.

If you prefer to build up a sweat working for your views, we’ve got a great hike for you. This breathtaking overlook in New Hampshire lets you see for miles and miles!

Address: Pemigewasset Overlook, Kancamagus Hwy, Albany, NH 03818, USA