Have you ever heard of a fairy fort? If you’ve ever studied Irish history, then this is one aspect of local belief you’ve surely encountered. These ruins and earthen mounds have been largely reclaimed and hidden by the earth, but legend maintains that they are actually sacred ancient places where our world meets the realm of the fae. Disturbing one would lead to bad luck or even death — but, of course, that’s just local lore. New Hampshire castle ruins aren’t quite as old as those in Europe, so nature hasn’t had quite as much time to reclaim them. Nonetheless, New England meets Old World flair in one fairytale forest hiding fantastic ruins. Grab your camera, because this place is almost too enchanting for words.

One thing we’re not particularly known for in New Hampshire is castle ruins, but we quietly have one of the most breathtaking sites in the nation. Have you ever visited this pretty spot? Tell us about your experience in the comments!

Craving more local history? Visit Odiorne Point State Park to check out the site of the state’s first European settlement.

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