Keep Your Eyes Peeled, Thousands Of Hummingbirds Are Headed For New Hampshire During Their Migration This Spring

There’s nothing like the Nature of New Hampshire to soothe the soul. No matter what happens, we’re all pretty lucky to love the Granite State. As we ease into spring, one of the outdoor things we’re most excited about is the influx of hummingbirds expected to arrive as part of their annual migration. They should be visible in quiet yards in New England (especially those that have feeders!) and across the country within the next few weeks. Do you want to see hummingbirds in New Hampshire this spring? Read on to learn more!

To learn more about this exciting hummingbird migration check out this great resource on all things hummingbirds. You’ll also be able to see a map of when they can be expected across different states

Have you seen hummingbirds in New Hampshire during previous migrations? If you have any advice for how to see them, leave a comment!

Spring in New Hampshire is absolutely glorious. If the impending arrival of the hummingbirds in New Hampshire has you feeling all the spring vibes, you’ll definitely want to check out these nine beautiful places that come alive this time of year!

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When will hummingbirds arrive in New Hampshire?

February 20, 2021

What are the best hiking trails in New Hampshire during spring?

If you’re looking to tackle a White Mountains hike, consider hiking Mount Williard in the spring! It’s a short but strenuous 3-mile hike, and though it’s one of the easiest hikes in the region, it’s sure to give you a workout! The views are among the best in the state. Another great mountain hike is Mount Kearsarge. You can look out over a big stretch of the White Mountains from a six-mile tour. For an easy hike that even little ones can enjoy, consider taking the Lockes Hill Trail in Gilford. This loop is less than 2 miles and shows off beautiful views of Lake Winnipesaukee.

What are the best spring day trips in New Hampshire?

Looking for some beautiful spring day trips that are a little off-the-beaten-path? Visit Sculptured Rocks Natural Area, Groton! This beautiful river destination shows off some of the crystal clear waters the Granite State is known for hiding in the forests. Another fun spot to visit when the weather warms up, head to The Andres Institute of Art in Brookline. You’ll get to see beautiful sculptures in the heart of the wilderness. If you love to get out on the bike paths, head to the Northern Rail Trail and pedal along more than 23 miles.

Does New Hampshire have any natural wonders?

The Granite State is one full of natural beauty. Some of our most noteworthy natural wonders can be found in the White Mountains, like the Flume Gorge and the Basin. Some spots outside of the Whites, though, are mesmerizing and fascinating, too! Purgatory Falls in Southern New Hampshire has some eerie folklore attached to it. Lake Winnipesaukee is a beautiful glacial lake that’s known for its islands and beaches, and Umbagog Lake is where you’ll find a state park that straddles the border of Maine and New Hampshire.

Address: New Hampshire, USA