The Hike In New Hampshire That Takes You To Not One, But Three Insanely Beautiful Waterfalls

Is there anyone who doesn’t love waterfalls? We think not why wouldn’t you? These gorgeous, soothing, wonders of nature remind us all how small we are and how beautiful this world really is. And here in New Hampshire, we have plenty of them! So, if you’ve been searching for “waterfalls near me” in New Hampshire, then you’ll love this hiking trail that takes you to not one, not two, but three beautiful waterfalls.

For more information about the hike, and to find directions and read other hikers’ reviews of the trail, check out this detailed description of the hike.

Have you hiked this trail before? What do you think are the best waterfall hikes in New Hampshire? Share with us your thoughts in the comments!

Can’t get enough of the Granite State’s beauty? Check out these hiking trails with waterfalls in New Hampshire.

Address: Appalachia Parking Lot, Gorham Hill Rd, Randolph, NH 03593, USA
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waterfalls near me

April 07, 2022

What are the most beautiful hikes in New Hampshire? 

New Hampshire is undoubtedly an amazing destination for hikers. Whether you prefer short hikes or long treks, you’ll find something that fits your fancy in New Hampshire. Here’s our list of the most beautiful hikes in New Hampshire: 1) Mount Lafayette and Franconia Ridge Trail Loop; 2) Mount Willard Trail; 3) The Flume Gorge Trail; 4) Mount Major and Brook Trail Loop; 5) Lonesome Lake Trail. Happy hiking!

What are the best outdoor adventures in New Hampshire?

New Hampshire is arguably the best state in the country for outdoor activities and adventures. You could hike a mountain, explore the wilderness on a mountain bike, canoe down the Connecticut River, and so much more. When you are searching for the best outdoor adventures in New Hampshire, here are a few to consider: a visit to Beaver Brook Falls, hiking to the top of Mount Washington, exploring the lower falls in Albany, and whale watching along the coast. 

What are the most haunted places in New Hampshire?

Who doesn’t love a bit of spooky adventuring? Well, it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you want to find out about the most haunted places in New Hampshire keep reading. One location is the spooky Tilton Inn. The building has burned down three times and there are numerous accounts of ghosts and hauntings! Other scary treasures in our great state are Gilson Road Cemetery, The University of New Hampshire in Durham, and the Colonial Theatre in Laconia. Let us know of any other spooky places we missed! 

Address: Appalachia Parking Lot, Gorham Hill Rd, Randolph, NH 03593, USA